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Shed With Overhang | What You Should Know Carriage shed with Overhang.

Jordan Slabaugh - February 22, 2023

Are you tired of trying to rush around and not get rained on when you get your yard equipment put away for the day? What if you had a wood shed with an overhang that would give you space to stand for cover while you wait out the last few drops of rain, so you aren’t totally soaked? Well, we have something that you may want to take a look at.

What is the Carriage Wood Shed?

Like we mentioned earlier, a shed with an overhang can keep you dry in even the most undesirable of rainy weather. Even the coldest of winter snow can’t get to you easily under the overhang. This shed with overhang is also known as the Carriage Backyard Shed.

What Is a Shed with Overhang?

All this talk of a shed with overhang might have you wondering. What is a shed with overhang anyway? (Don’t worry we got you covered on the details).

When we construct a shed they are built to the requests of our clients. An overhang is one of our most common requests to add to a shed. What the overhang of this shed does is provide you with a 14” roofing overhang. This gives you the ability to have shelter from the rain, snow hail, or other elements that may be attempting to complicate your plans as you hurry to put your things away.

How Big Is a Shed with Overhang?

When you want to build a shed with an overhang you want to make sure it is going to be able to house the items that you need and want it to. Maybe the bikes for your family’s weekend outings, the pool toys from the summer or maybe your something as standard as your lawnmower and other gardening equipment. What about fitting all of that into one space?!

Our Carriage Backyard Shed can be built as compact as 8 ft. x 10 ft. or as large as 14 ft. x 30 ft. A 12×24 Shed is great size, find out why here.

These sizes can truly accommodate all of the needs your life may face.

Are sheds with overhangs all the same?

All sheds with overhang are NOT the same. Some sheds with overhang are built with superior structural quality and features. Other builders may build a shed with overhang that are not built to the same meticulous standards that we do. Not only this but we will allow you to build the shed to the specifications you want. This is why we say NO not all sheds with overhangs are created equal!

Can I get a shed with overhang the way I want it to look?

You sure can! When you are looking to build a shed you want to do it with a quality builder who has the expertise and knowledge of how to not only give you want, but build you one that will last. When we work with you, we give you the pad and pencil and let you tell us what you want. We do our best to give you what you show us. Take a look at what our clients have said to you about the investments they have made. We know that a shed with overhang will serve you well.

Are there any options that can be added to my overhang shed?

When you look at building an overhang shed you want it to last. You also want to appear the way you were hoping. And most importantly you want it to have the options you desired for it to have. 

Some of the options that your shed with overhang can have are:

Painted Siding:

The painted siding option is what comes standard with all of our sheds with overhang. However, we will give you the ability to pick your color for the sidings paint color!

LAP Siding:

In recent times we have seen designs go back to quality and the desired original looks take precedence. That is exactly what you can do with LAP siding. Have the old-world siding look with the quality and craftsmanship you need.

Cedar Siding:

Are you looking for something that will give you a rustic look? Consider upgrading to a Cedar LAP siding package. This is ideal for the person who wants that cabin feel.

Laminated Roofing or Metal roofing:

Do you want laminate roofing or metal roofing for your overhang shed? When you build with someone like us they should be able to give you the best materials in the way you want it to look. That is why we offer both to give you the looks you want.


We know that you will obviously need to get into your Carriage Shed. We provide double wooden doors in 4’ 5’ or 6’ offerings. In addition to these doors. We can offer other kinds of doors on the shed if you want to have additional access. 

Entry Door:

If you are needing an insulated door for your shed with overhang we offer 2 insulated door options. One option provides a 9 pane window while the other offers a solid door. Both can come fully equipped with a deadbolt lock, giving you improved security. 

Where is the best place to put my doors on my shed with an overhang?

 We know that to access the things in your storage shed with an overhang that some of life’s items can get a bit large and feel out of place. When you want to build your Carriage shed we let you select door placement. This way you can get to what you need as easily as possible. 

Garage Door:

Maybe you are needing to use this shed with overhang for additional vehicular storage. We can offer you a roll up door to make this into the garage for your liking. 


Are you looking to enjoy taking in the scenery? Adding a porch to your shed will give you a place to relax before or after getting started with the day’s work.

What does it mean to have an offset roof line?

When you are looking at the shed with overhang, also known as the Carriage Shed. It is obvious to notice that the roof is offset (in this case meaning a 1-foot slope off the back). An off-set roof line allows for the rain and melting snow or ice to be drained away from the shed. Making your investment last longer.

How do I prepare for my shed with an overhang?

When you are planning to purchase a shed with overhang. You will want to make sure that you get the area prepared for it. We believe that the best way to do this is by having a gravel pad placed on your property. The reason we promote this pad over others is that it will give you the proper drainage and ability to keep your building as strong as possible for as long as possible.   

Watch this video below to give you the best ideas of how to get the process started.

If doing a gravel pad for your shed is not a viable option, talk to us and we can make it work with another option so you can enjoy your structure for years to come..

So what do you do now?

So it’s pretty clear that you are someone who does their research. Maybe you have decided that a Carriage shed with an overhang will allow you to have the space you need, the look you want and the design you desire. Maybe you have more questions about what this will look like for you and your design needs. You can get a quote from us here at Kauffman Structures, by building a storage shed on our design my shed page or give us a call to talk with us about what you need. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you so that we can serve you!

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