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Kauffman Structures: A Gold Standard for Outbuildings

If you are concerned about your clutter and feel the need to get organized., we’re here to help. It’s easy to buy cheap storage sheds that feel “slapped together” and degrade quickly, but will that meet your objectives? At Kauffman Structures, we’re not content with building a substandard outbuilding. We count it a privilege to work with people who care about quality and believe that a premium structure provides the best value in the end. for more info check out the page on how do I prepare for my shed.

Outbuilding Standards: Passion Speaks Louder than Words

We believe that you can “feel” the difference when walking into a quality building. Actually, quality among shed manufacturers is as much about what you can’t see as what you can. For example, in a Kauffman Quality Shed, you will not see exposed fasteners, nails coming through where they shouldn’t, or sunlight through the door gasket. From the painted siding to the door jam trim to the exposed wood on the inside, we believe you’ll appreciate the value of quality control and attention to detail in your Kauffman Building.

We use the same high standards for all the outbuildings we build including the storage shedslivestock sheltersportable garagescabin, and outdoor playhouses. We will assists you in every way we can. Think twice about purchasing a shed that will disappoint you and stick out like a sore thumb on your property, but don’t hesitate to take advantage of over 30 years of shed building experience to create the space you’ve been dreaming about.