Shed Delivery: We offer Wooden Sheds with Installation

It is our goal here at Kauffman Structures to make your outdoor storage shed purchasing experience easy and enjoyable. This includes every aspect of the purchasing process with the delivery of your shed being no exception! We are concerned that you, our customer, are totally satisfied with the placement of your shed, and we also take pride in a shed that fits and looks good on your property. A big part of this is site preparation, so make sure to visit our site preparation page, How Do I Prepare for My Shed, to help you decide what you need to do to get your shed site ready for us.


iowa wooden shed delivery

We will deliver your shed directly to your prepared site.

The best thing about the delivery process is that, once your site is prepared, you can sit back, relax, and watch us do the work to get your shed in place. With our custom-built equipment, and years of experience, we can place your shed exactly where you want it. We don’t believe in being “almost” right; we want your shed placement to be right on, down to the fractions of an inch if needed.


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The pictures above show a shed being delivered onto a concrete pad.