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12×20 Sheds: A Complete Guide

Jared Reiff - May 16, 2024

Are you interested in freeing up some space in your garage or basement? A 12×20 shed could be exactly what you need. These sheds are a popular choice for storage or garden shed, with plenty of space for a lawn mower, garden tools, and other items. Here are a few things you need to know about 12×20 sheds:

  • Square footage: 240 square Feet
  • Common uses: Storage, garden shed, workshop, hobby shed, etc.
  • Typical price range: $6,500-$10,500

Types of 12×20 Sheds

There are a number of shed siding types you can choose from for 12×20 sheds. Each siding type has its advantages, as well as a distinct look. Here are 3 popular shed siding types.

12×20 Wooden Sheds:

The most common shed design, wooden sheds offer the perfect balance of both durability and value. One of the benefits of wooden sheds is that they can be painted or stained easily, so you can upgrade the look anytime you want.

12×20 Metal Sheds:

Metal sheds are also a common choice, and for good reason. These sheds are extremely durable and require little maintenance. They are not susceptible to fire and pests and can withstand years of harsh weather.

12×20 Plastic Sheds:

One of the newer options available is plastic sheds. While these tend to be the lowest cost option, they are also the lowest quality and tend not to last as long as wooden and metal sheds.

9 Popular 12×20 Shed Uses

Your 12×20 shed can be used in many ways, from storage to a DIY home office. We’ve seen sheds converted into many different types of living spaces, and here are some ideas for your inspiration!

12×20 Shed Styles

At Kauffman Structures, we offer a variety of 12×20 sheds, from simple utility sheds to larger barn-style sheds, and even 12×20 animal shelters. Here are the 12×20 shed styles we offer:

12×20 Gable Shed

Our 12×20 Gable Shed is our base model shed. The simple design, low roof pitch, and basic trim options make this shed economical, but also durable and beautiful. Upgrade your Gable Shed with additional windows, extra doors, a ramp, and much more. 

The classic design of this shed model makes this a great choice for many different settings, whether you live in the country or in the suburbs. From storage sheds to she sheds, these sheds are perfect for whatever your need is.

12×20 Carriage Wood Shed

The 12×20 Carriage Shed is a beautiful backyard storage solution. The defining feature of the Carriage Shed is the side door access, and the unique overhang on the front of the shed provides a bit of protection from the weather. This unique design is often referred to as a “quaker” design and is a unique twist on the classic shed design.

This classic shed design is a great choice for a farm property or any home that fits the “country” aesthetic. These sheds are perfect for storage and garden sheds.

12x20 lofted barn

12×20 High Barn Shed

The 12×20 High Barn shed is a classic storage shed design with unique barn-style roof trusses. The high side walls, plus the truss design, open up the ceiling space and allow for extra room for a loft space.

Not only do these sheds offer a unique style profile, but the extra interior space will allow you to store larger objects, as well as boxes and other items. These sheds are a great storage solution and also perfect for a workshop or hobby barn.

12×20 Cottage Storage Shed

For a practical, yet beautiful 12×20 backyard shed, you should definitely consider the Cottage Wood Shed. One of our favorite and more high-end models, the Cottage provides you with a side door access, lots of windows, and plenty of room for all your lawn care storage needs.

These sheds are also a great choice for converting into a living space, whether you’re looking for a she shed, home office, or man cave shed.

cottage wood shed
run in shelter

12×20 The Loafing Shed

We offer a 12×20 Loafing Shed that will give your pets or livestock a protected space from harsh weather and the summer heat. We offer these sheds in a variety of colors to match the look of your property.

These structures are a perfect shelter for your pasture animals, whether you own cattle, sheep, horses, or goats. These buildings will allow your animals to stay protected during storms and on cold, windy days.

12×20 Horse Shelter

For a simple and affordable shelter for your horses, check out our 12×20 Horse Shelter. These structures are moveable so you can place your shelter in the best location on your property. Our horse shelters can be equipped with a tack room for even more functionality.

Give your horses a home they’ll love with this horse shelter, while making it easy for you to care for your animals.

12x20 run in shelter

12×20 Shed Prices

The price of our 12×20 sheds depends largely on the style, upgrades, and siding type you choose. Expect a 12×20 shed to cost somewhere between $6,500 and $10,500, with metal sheds a bit more than wooden sheds.

Build A Custom 12×20 Shed

Building a 12×20 shed is a huge undertaking and requires a lot of tools and experience. But thanks to our 3D Shed Builder, you can now design your shed exactly how you want it and have it built and delivered to you.

12x20 shed design

12×20 Sheds: In Conclusion

A 12×20 shed is a versatile shed size that’s big enough to be used in a variety ways. It’s a size that is perfect for storage, but also works well as a workshop or hobby shed. If you’re feeling creative, these sheds are a fantastic option for your next DIY living space.

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