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barn style bicycle shed for sale
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Spring into a Bicycle Shed

Spring is finally here and it’s time to get the bike out of storage. Oh, and speaking of storage, that likely means you must dig through a pile of… stuff… to get TO your Bicycle! Consider one of our quality-built bicycle sheds to store your pride and joy.

Now I suppose you could go over to Amazon and find something like the box shown below. But then again if you plan to spend that kind of money, why not consider a bicycle shed? Amazon actually has some nicer looking options than this one; the question is are those options made to last? You likely won’t know until you open the box it comes in. Why mess with a box within a box?

cheap bicycle shed for iowa bikes

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With the storage options we’ll look into shortly and the many quality build bicycle sheds we have available, there’s no need to take a chance by shopping online. One of our storage sheds can fit your need and last you decades. In the latter part of this blog, we’ll give you a quick tour of those best suited for bicycle sheds. For now, let’s take a look at some bicycle storage options.

9 Great Bicycle Storage Options that work great in a Bike Shed

Idea #1: Vertical Bike Hook – wall mount storage for a Bike Shed

This simple bike hook from Rubbermaid is a great way to get started with organizing a bike in a portable shed.

verticle bike hook for bicycle shed organization

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Idea #2: DIY Bike Shelf – minimal and satisfying solution for a Bike Shed

If you’re the DIY type a few of these will look good on your bicycle garden shed wall. Check out the step by step instruction on the Liv Cycling website. There’s even room for more of your cycling gear on the handy shelf, and you can’t beat the price.

diy storage shelf for a bicycle shed

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Idea #3: Ultra Space Saver Single Bike Rack – a fit for any wood storage shed

Now we move to to look at the Space Saver Single. Dero also has other more complicated bike racks that, like this one, would work well in a public space because it’s easy to lock your bike in place. With the Space Saver Single simply buy as many as you need and with 4 quick anchors fasten them to your bicycle shed wall and you’re set.

ultra space saving bike rack for bicycle shed

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Idea #4: Gravity Bike Rack – a space saving bicycle shed storage design

One great advantage of the Gravity Bike Rack is its freestanding capability. Because of this, you can easily move it when the need arises. No need to drill holes in your bicycle shed; just lean it against the wall, hang two bikes on it and let gravity do the rest.

Idea #5: Velo Wall Bike Rack – a small sturdy bike hook you can mount in your shed

More of a conventional bike rack, the Velo Wall Rack has a simple design that will hold your bike slightly away from the wall. Keep it as high or low on your bicycle shed wall as you wish. This is a great low-cost improvement over the typical generic hardware store hooks that bend easily. A very sturdy holder!

wall bike rack great solution for a shed

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Idea #6: Rakk Bike Rack – a quick and nifty bike shed gadget

This floor style bike rack is a versatile storage solution with a spring-loaded arm that can fold flat when not in use. Simply place this rack on the floor of your bicycle shed, roll your bike onto the track, and the arm holds it firmly in place. A great choice if floor space isn’t at a premium.

bicycle shed compact floor bike rack

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Idea #7: Bike GearTrack Pack – a sophisticated option

Here is another relatively inexpensive wall mounted solution for your bicycle shed. This 48’ long track can hold two lighter bikes, as well as headgear. The special bike storage hook holds up to 50 lbs.

strap hanging bike shed wall mount

Idea #8: Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack – a premier bike rack for any shed

This unique but simple answer to bicycle storage was invented by biker David Steadman and his father-in-law, Ron. They envisioned a rack that would meet the needs of every cyclist; a space-saving design that keeps the bike close to the floor and doesn’t require lifting. This is one of my favorite bike rack designs. Each classic rack easily holds your full-sized bike and neatly folds toward the wall so the floor of your bicycle shed can be utilized for other storage needs.

classic bike rack for storing bikes in a storage bike shed

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Idea #9: Garage Gator Bike Rack – advanced bicycle shed storage solution

Now let’s look at the Garage Gator. If you’re a serious cyclist and want to keep most of your bicycle shed available for things like cabinets for your bike tools and accessories this is a great solution. This model has an adjustable 6-9-foot lift bar, 8 storage hooks, and a motor hoist with a 9.75-foot cable. Weight capacity is 220 lbs. You might think a contraption like this may be worth a thousand dollars or more, but the price is a pleasant surprise.

ceiling mounted bike rack for a bicycle shed

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Real Heavy Duty Bicycle Sheds for Sale in Iowa

You’ve seen some great bicycle storage ideas. Now you need the storage space itself. Let’s look at just a few of the best options here at Kauffman Structures when it comes to a bicycle shed.

Barn Style Bicycle Shed – This would store a lot of bikes.

If your bicycles demand a fair amount of space, and you especially like the barn style look, then the high barn will be the choice for you. Your walls will have ample space for hanging bikes, or you could even hang them underneath the loft area. Our 10×12 high barn is reasonably priced at $ and would provide space for your bikes and some additional storage on the side.

barn style bicycle shed for sale

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Carriage Style Bicycle Shed – A space saving design that fits well anywhere.

This backyard shed has a unique, homey look with a very reasonable price tag. Accent it with your favorite colors. Keep in mind this style shed also has limited wall mounting capabilities as a bicycle shed. If you plan to go with just a few wall hooks and perhaps floor storage racks this may be the shed for you.

buy a carraige bicycle shed in iowa

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Cottage Style Bicycle Shed – Best looking shed for your best looking bikes.

This shed has the advantage of larger windows, letting more light inside of your bicycle shed. The side walls could be utilized to hang some bikes; moving the door to the end of the building would also add more wall space to hang bikes.

cottage style bicycle shed for sale

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Gable Style Bicycle Shed This hard working shed is perfect for a bike.

For simplicity, value, and sheer versatility, this may be your best choice for a bicycle shed. The 6-foot-high walls offer great space saving opportunities for a bike rack or racks. Depending on your choice of size (8×8 all the way up to 12×28) you could not only make this a great bicycle shed, you could make it a combination bicycle/storage shed. Go with the high barn style and a loft is a wonderful addition as well. You’d be surprised how much you could fit into one of these great sheds in addition to your bikes. We also have many options to add to your bicycle shed. Shutters, extra doors, lining and insulation, shelves, etc. A ramp may be a good option to add for your bicycle shed. Take a look at our portable buildings price list page. Touch base with our sales team… Contact Us or Get a Free Bike Shed Quote today.

buy an a frame bike shed in iowa or missouri

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