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12×24 Sheds: What You Should Know

Jordan Slabaugh - February 22, 2023

The 12×24 shed is a relatively large shed with countless ways to utilize the space. A 12×24 shed is a shed that is 12 ft wide and 24 ft long, which provides you with 288 sq. ft. of space. One of the best reasons to invest in a shed, like a 12×24 storage building, is the large amount of space it provides you with. Whether you are looking for extra storage, a place to store your lawn equipment or recreational vehicles, or want to create a personalized getaway space (think man cave or she shed), the 12×24 shed is here for you!

Types of 12×24 Sheds

The type of shed you choose is an important step in your 12×24 shed buying process. The different types of material you choose for your shed will vary depending on the purpose of your shed and where you get your shed from. While there are other types of sheds, most will be in the general category of these three types or a combination of several. 

Wooden Sheds:

Most sheds today are built primarily of wood, from the floor joists to the siding, all the way to the rafters. It is then finished with either shingles or metal. 

Metal Sheds:

What most people consider a metal shed is built with a wooden frame and then covered with metal siding and roofing. The metal is more durable, low-maintenance, and resistant to fire, pests, and weather.

Plastic Sheds:

As the shed industry has grown, some large box stores began producing small plastic sheds. While this is an inexpensive alternative, you probably won’t be able to find a plastic 12×24 shed.

9 Popular 12×24 Shed Uses

A 12×24 shed has countless uses and applications, including basic storage, a space for your favorite hobbies, a workshop, and even a mancave or other recreation area. 

While the 12×24 shed size is on the large end of the spectrum for most uses, it can provide you with that extra space that will keep your garage cleaned up, all while perfectly complementing your backyard landscaping design. 

12×24 Shed Styles

When it comes to 12×24 sheds, there are lots of variations in the styles. In most cases, the way a style looks is a significant factor in choosing a shed. Here at Kauffman Structures, we offer four main 12×24 shed styles plus a bonus garage shed and livestock loafing shed. 

The Gable Shed

The Gable Shed is our base model shed. The simple design, low roof pitch, and basic trim options provide a shed that is both economical and beautiful. The 12×24 model of the Gable Shed comes with 6 ½’ sidewalls, plus the option to add windows, extra doors, a ramp, and much more. 

The Carriage Wood Shed

The Carriage Shed is a stunning backyard storage solution. The defining feature of the Carriage Shed is the side door access, and the unique overhang on the front of the shed provides a bit of protection from the weather. The windows flanking the large front door flood the interior with plenty of natural light.

12x24 carriage shed with a porch

The Cottage Storage Shed

For a practical yet beautiful 12×24 backyard shed, you should definitely consider the Cottage Wood Shed. One of our favorite and high-end models we offer, the Cottage provides you with a side door access, lots of windows, and plenty of room for all your lawncare storage needs. The steeper roof pitch, larger overhang, and wider trim set this shed apart from the rest. 

12x24 cottage shed

The High Barn Shed

The High Barn shed is a throwback to the original storage shed design with unique barn-style roof trusses. The high side walls plus the truss design opens up the ceiling space and make space for a loft, which maximizes the square footage of your 12×24 shed.

12×24 Loafing Shed

While the 12×24 Loafing Shed isn’t a storage building, it is a vital part of our lineup. The three-sided structure allows your livestock to be out in the pasture getting the vital nutrients they need, plus having protection from the wind and weather whenever they want. Request a free quote today to find out what a 12×24 loafing shed costs. If you want more information about our loafing sheds, check out our blog here.

12×24 Shed Garage

The 12×24 Portable Garage shed combines the need for storage with a reinforced floor and a garage door, making it possible to keep your ATVs, boats, or other recreational vehicles out of the weather and in tip-top shape. This 12×24 garage shed is the perfect alternative to building a permanent structure on your property. 

12×24 Shed Maintenance

Thankfully, the essential maintenance on a 12×24 shed is relatively easy. The most important thing is regularly checking the roof and walls for damaged areas like lost shingles, broken windows, etc. You’ll also want to watch for branches, leaves, or other debris on your shed. Applying a fresh coat of sealing or paint annually is a great preventative measure to extend the life of your shed. 

And finally, regularly clean or lightly pressure wash your shed to remove all the accumulated grime and dust. You can use a mixture of water and some mild soap for this.

12×24 Shed Prices

The cost of a 12×24 shed will depend on the features, materials, and designs you choose. The average 12×24 shed price is between $5,000-$12,000. Wooden sheds tend to be the sweet spot between durability and cost. Plastic sheds are just plain cheap, while metal sheds provide the more expensive but long-lasting option. Do you have a shed style that you like? Check out our 3D design tool and get a free quote today!

Build Your Own 12×24 Shed

Building a 12×24 shed is a huge undertaking and requires a lot of tools and experience. But thanks to our 3D Shed Builder, you can now design your shed exactly how you want it and have it built and delivered to you.

12x24 cottage shed design

12×24 Sheds: In Conclusion

As you can see, the buzz around 12×24 sheds is real. And in conclusion, 12×24 sheds provide a versatile and practical storage solution for homeowners looking to maximize their outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for some extra storage or a building to turn into a hobby shed, a 12×24 storage shed is a great option. For more information about or to start designing your shed today, check out our 3D builder and request your free quote! 

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