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Portable Shed Moving

Professional Shed Moving For Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas

As part of our commitment to offering the best service possible to our customers, we offer a shed moving and transport service. We move a variety of storage buildings, from prefab garages and garden sheds to your grandpa’s old granary. 

Whether you’re interested in moving your shed to a new property you just bought or found a great deal on a used garden shed but don’t know how to move it, we can help! Even if you simply want to relocate a shed on your property, we’d be happy to do it! 

Our Shed Moving Process

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Site Preparation Tips

When choosing your shed’s next location, there are a few things that will make shed placement much simpler and stress-free. Here are a few things to consider:

Site Access: Make sure access to your shed site from the driveway or road is clear of low-hanging branches and utility wires.

Site Grading: The final shed pad should be level before placing the shed, so be sure to check it with an accurate level.

Site Foundation: We recommend using a gravel or concrete pad for your shed foundation.

For more information on site prep or recommendations for shed pad installations, visit our site prep page or reach out to us with your questions.