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Iowa Sheds, Storage Buildings: iowa utility shed for sale from Kauffman Structures

The Gable
Tried and True. Works for You.

The Gable shed is the tried and true workhorse of the shed lineup. It focuses on providing you the necessary storage at the most reasonable price, without sacrificing any of the quality that you should expect from a Kauffman Shed.
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Iowa Sheds, Storage Buildings:

The Carriage
Your Space. Saver.

Built to make the most out of a shed with side door access, while offering some extra design flare with a 14 inch overhang. The two windows allow for lots of natural light. This shed is one of our early designs that has provided many customers with a practical and beautiful storage space.
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Iowa Sheds, Storage Buildings:

The Cottage
One small shed for man. One giant leap in shedkind.

The cottage shed is our favorite and premium model here at Kauffman Structures. It continues the tradition of superior quality and function, while giving extra attention to design features that make it an extra good looking shed.
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Iowa Sheds, Storage Buildings:

The High Barn
Classic. Accommodating.

The name pretty much says it all for the High Barn. It is built with big storage space in mind. You get your sidewall storage space along with a loft, all with that nostalgic “barn” feeling.
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Iowa Sheds, Storage Buildings:

The Portable Garage
It's a shed. It's a garage.

This is a portable, prefab garage designed to store mid sized vehicles, motorcycles, lawn and garden equipment, ATVs, and more. It provides a flexible alternative to building a permanent structure on your property. It comes fully assembled and ready to use.
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Iowa Sheds, Storage Buildings:

The Chicken Coop
Friendly for you. And for the Birds.

Kauffman’s answer to your chicken coop needs. A backyard chicken coop designed for approximately 10 to 30 chickens.
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Iowa Sheds, Storage Buildings:

The Outdoor Playhouse
Where childhood dreams come true.

The ultimate backyard playspace for your child. A clubhouse or playhouse where your children can learn, imagine, and thrive.
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Iowa Sheds, Storage Buildings: iowa horse shelters

The Loafing Shed
Protection for your animals.

A place for your livestock and animal friends to get in out of the weather. A 3 sided run-in shelter and loafing shed.
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Iowa Sheds, Storage Buildings: Iowa horse tack-room shelter for sale

The Horse Shelter
Your horse needs a shed.

The horse shelter, or tack-room shed is an upgrade from the loafing shed.  It is designed to give your horses the protection they need, wherever they need it PLUS the convenience of a side room for storing food, tools, and supplies.  
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Iowa Sheds, Storage Buildings: iowa small cabins for sale

The Small Cabin
Don’t runaway. Getaway.

A cozy cabin. A quiet retreat. Tiny house living. The cabin can fit all of these descriptions and more. Livable space is what these structures are created and designed for.
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Sheds, Storage Buildings for Sale

Out of stock
$2,875.00 $2,395.00

Take advantage of this opportunity to own one of the most popular sizes and styles here at Kauffman Structures, by purchasing this used gable shed for a big discount.  This 10×16 Gable shed will provide you an amazing amount of space for a great price.  It was owned for less than a year by a [...]

Out of stock

Is your garage a disaster? Have you thought about the convenience offered by a portable garage shed? This garage shed for sale at Kauffman Structures could provide a turnkey solution to your cluttered garage problem. Store anything from a vehicle, to recreational equipment, to yard and garden equipment. This garage even comes with a built [...]


Want to have your own tiny house?  This cabin is in stock at our Weldon, IA manufacturing facility.  It comes with 4 insulated windows on the main level and one insulated window in the loft.  A 36″ entry door with window opens onto the corner porch.  This cabin also includes an insulated floor and interior [...]

$4,195.00 $3,920.00

Enjoy your very own barn shed with this 12×16 High Barn with 6 foot loft.  There is plenty of room to store your tools and equipment, with the loft space giving you place to put those less used items up and out of the way.

Out of stock

At almost 100 square feet, you can tuck this Carriage House snugly back into a corner of your property, giving you a beautiful and organized space for all your yard and garden tools.  It makes a great place to store bikes as well.

Out of stock
$3,225.00 $3,025.00

This tan and dark brown Gable wood shed may be just what you need to get your garage space back.  You can store a lot of valuables in 168 square feet.  Buy this shed, ready to deliver, today!

Out of stock
$4,575.00 $4,325.00

This cottage shed will give you plenty of room to get your large mower or other equipment inside with the 6 ft wide by 6.5 ft tall roll up door.  You’ll be able to access it through the walk in door as well without needing to open the larger door every time.

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