Sheds are an economical and smart investment. In the last few decades shed have broken out their stereotypical box and are being realized for a variety of creative uses. Sheds have been classically known for holding tools, garden gear, and storage of that nature, but now the usage of sheds goes beyond the classic storage stereotype. If you are one of those whose talents, work, or hobbies have grown out of house and home, then a workshop shed offers you a perfect, focused setting to collaborate, create, and conquer. In addition, sheds are also known for the value they add to a property!

Sheds offer Endless Opportunities

Here at Kauffman Structures, we believe there are many ways to use a shed as a workshop. In this blog, we are going to view some of those creative uses and offer ideas for arrangements that can help you design your very own workshop shed space.

Ways to Use a Shed as a Workshop

Home Office

Working from home just became more ideal!

Working from home always had its perks and downfalls. Downfalls falling primarily in the category of easy distractions either from other family members or working in a “too-comfortable” environment.  But now with a shed turned into a home office workshop, working from home just became the ideal! Leave those distractions behind on your way to work located only a few steps outside your backdoor.

Surprising Ways to Use a Shed as a Workshop 1
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Surprising Ways to Use a Shed as a Workshop 2
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Sewing Studio

Sewing can’t possibly get more relaxing than this!

Hobbies hold the potential to springboard into side businesses. Sewing is one of those hobbies that people enjoy and soon their occasional sewing for others becomes sought after by more than just friends. A shed makes for a quiet, focused seamstress workshop.

Woodworking Shop

Wood dust and shavings have just met their match!

Woodworking is an art and an aromatic mess. Wood shavings and wood dust are the marks of a woodsman’s workspace. Because of these defining marks, a designated workshop shed creates an understood environment where the wood shavings and dust can fly free without floating into the house through the garage door.

Surprising Ways to Use a Shed as a Workshop 3
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Surprising Ways to Use a Shed as a Workshop 4
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Artist Studio

Finally, a spot for your art! (and your paint, brushes, canvases, and creative mess!)

Check out this shed’s transformation into an artist’s workshop. Art qualifies for a set apart workspace. Artists appreciate painting in focused environments where their creative impulses can run free and uninhibited by distraction.

Pottery Studio

Put your hands together for a potter’s perfect paradise.

This Pottery workshop beckons one to sit down and join in the creations. Pottery is another hobby that often morphs into a side-business. Pottery is a form of art and deserves a focused space of its own to be molded into masterpieces. A shed provides an economical option for a pottery workshop.

Surprising Ways to Use a Shed as a Workshop 5
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Surprising Ways to Use a Shed as a Workshop 6
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Tool Shed Workshop

Perfect spot for a man’s heroic problem-solving adventures!

Now for the classic and enduring use of a shed…a tool workshop. The saying, boys will be boys, is true of men and their tools. Men like to build, fix what’s broken, and conquer complex maintenance problems. Sheds make the ultimate, mancave workshops where real-life problem solving can be accomplished.

There Are More!

Home office, Sewing Studio, Woodworking Shop, Art Studio, Pottery Studio, Tool Workshop, and…You fill in the blank. There are many more workshop possibilities afforded you by a shed space.

Helpful Add-Ons for Optimal Use of Your Workshop Shed

When you go to purchase your workshop shed or renovate the shed you already own, remember to seek out and request these helpful add-ons.

Surprising Ways to Use a Shed as a Workshop 7
Surprising Ways to Use a Shed as a Workshop 8
Surprising Ways to Use a Shed as a Workshop 9

Consider Your Future to Determine the Size

The size of your workshop shed will vary depending on how large scale your home business or hobby ends up becoming. You may want to consider where your business/hobby is headed in the future. If you are certain of future growth, then invest in a good-sized workshop shed. If you are keeping your hobby or home office low keep for the imminent future, then a smaller workshop shed is the way to go.

Walk Through a Kauffman Structures Shed

We will use this portable shed from Kauffman Structures as a walkthrough to draw inspiration for arrangements to put your workshop in optimal function. This shed below doubles as a garage, otherwise known as a garage shed.

Surprising Ways to Use a Shed as a Workshop 10

Work Bench in Your Shed Workshop

Investing in a workbench utilizes a focused workspace.

As we walk through the shed, one helpful addition to your workshop shed is the work bench. Work benches are a great add-on and can be custom built and ready to use from day one of your shed purchase. Work benches can act as a desk for your home office, a table for your tools, a space for your hobby’s inventions, and a spot for your potting creations.

Surprising Ways to Use a Shed as a Workshop 7
Surprising Ways to Use a Shed as a Workshop 12
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Reinforced Flooring Holds Everything Up

A good floor is a smart investment for the future!

It is ideal to invest in a quality floor. Flooring is working 24/7, holding up various additions to your shed. Consequently, you are counting on your flooring to do the job. Reinforced flooring is qualified to hold up your heavy duty equipment along with any additions such as equipment for gardening or for certain hobbies or frequent traffic.

Surprising Ways to Use a Shed as a Workshop 14
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Shelving Promotes Organization of Your Workshop

Shelving Saves From Potential Mess!

Installing shelves in your workshop shed offers optimal organization from the get-go. Kauffman Structures recognizes the value of an organized workshop and offers customizable shelving with all their sheds.

Surprising Ways to Use a Shed as a Workshop 9
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Surprising Ways to Use a Shed as a Workshop 16
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A shed as a workshop is not only novel, but a smart and economical way to experience your space and life passions to their greatest potential. With customizable add-ons available, you can get ahead of the game in preparing for your workshop and using it in its maximum functionality.

Check out Kauffman Structures various shed models and enjoy a workshop space of your own!