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The Gable

When you’re after the most storage space possible without the extras, choose the Gable shed. With its standard 6.5’ sidewalls, or optional 8’ sidewall, you get lots of wall area for shelving and hanging all your tools.


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Carriage 1



The Carriage

If your shed location is suited best for a building with doors in the side, then consider the Carriage backyard Shed. While most any of our garden sheds can be ordered with a side door, the Carriage Backyard Shed makes it standard and gives you the extra charm of windows on each side of the door, and a large overhang which provides extra weather protection and gives you a perfect place for your hanging flower pots. The side door allows you to access your stored items without tripping over things in the process.


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Cottage 2



The Cottage

  1. If you want the best looking shed, choose the Cottage.
  2. If you like the looks of a steeper roof, which also gives you an amazing amount of interior headroom, then choose the Cottage.
  3. If you need to impress your neighbors and incite a little envy, then by all means, choose the Cottage.

Whether you live in the city or the country, the cottage will add that extra charm you’ve always wanted in a shed.


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High Barn 3



The High Barn

If you’re a fan of the “barn” look and feel, and you need to get the most storage space possible, then this is your shed for sale. The High Barn is all about providing you that big space to efficiently store everything in your very own Barn.


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Portable Garage 4



The Portable Garage

You’re looking for a feasible alternative to building an expensive permanent garage structure. You need a building that can be brought to your property, fully assembled, and ready to park your equipment and vehicle in. If you’re tired of storing your boat, antique vehicle, or motorcycle in mini storage, then this is the solution for you.


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Think you might need an outdoor storage shed?

You may have reached your breaking point. Your garage is full, not of junk, but of things you need and use, some often and others only occasionally. You just can’t come up with any more usable space, so you need the outdoor storage shed to give you back your space and add beauty to your property. That room in your house that serves as your office, the guest room, the arts and crafts room, and everything else…. it’s just too much in one place. Check out our portable buildings price list to see what will fit you best!


Choose your storage shed

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It’s Time. Consider an outdoor storage shed.

Whether it is cleaning out the garage so you can get to your vehicle without stumbling over 101 other things, or organizing your backyard to appease your neighbors (and yourself), you’ve decided to make the shed investment. You are carefully planning how to invest your money in a way that will maximize the benefits of your new structure.


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There’s good reason for an outdoor storage shed.

You can take consolation in knowing you are not alone in your belief that your space should be orderly and beautiful. It’s this belief that fuels our passion to build quality structures.

Whatever factors are involved, we are glad you’ve stopped by. We’re happy to offer you the respect and care of a family-owned and operated business, where we value your desire to create the beautiful and functional spaces so important to your life.


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Let’s make that outdoor storage shed happen.

Improving your property value and effectively solving your outdoor shed storage crisis doesn’t happen overnight. Location, style, color, and size are a few of the important questions that must be answered.

We’d be glad to help you find a structure that will meet your needs now, and in 10 years from now. It is important to us that you get a quality product that is carefully designed and placed, and will therefore provide you satisfaction for years to come.


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