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Shed With Overhang | What You Should Know

Are you tired of trying to rush around and not get rained on when you get your yard equipment put away for the day? What if you had a shed with an overhang that would give you space to stand for cover while you wait out the last few drops of rain so you aren’t totally soaked? Well, we have something that you may want to take a look at.

How To Build A Grow Room In A Shed

Ever wonder how to build a grow room in a shed? In this blog, we discuss 5 easy steps for you to create your own grow room inside of a shed. This is a wonderful way to grow the crops you want all year round without the worries of weather changes and the various season changes.

Is a Loafing Shed Worth it? | 7 Common Questions

Are you wrestling with the question, Is a Loafing Shed Worth it? Well, then we have something you need to see! We answer this question and several other commonly asked questions about Loafing Sheds.

Best Shed for the Money

Money matters. Sure, you say you would never throw a couple thousand dollars in the trash but you would buy a generic online shed. You are essentially saying you are willing to throw your hard earned money right in the trash. Get a quality built shed that is manufactured by a local, family owned business you can trust.

Will a Shed Increase My Property Value?

When you are thinking about a new shed for your property, you should never have to worry about your shed being an eye sore. A new shed will not only upgrade the aesthetic value of your property but it will also increase the monetary value of your property.

Unleashing the Power of a Kid’s Playhouse

As a parent you have decisions that are life changing for your children. When choosing between an outdoor playhouse or the latest technology, the decision should be easy. Let your child’s imagination run wild in their own little playhouse world and you are sure to enjoy the free time it gives you in return.

Why a Smaller Shed is Better

Bigger is not always better… and the shed world is a perfect example of this. In our many years of experience building sheds, a smaller sheds elegance and beauty is often more notable than a bigger shed. Carefully plan out the inside of your shed by knowing what you want to store in your shed and where it will go. This will maximize the space of your shed while keeping it smaller.

Surprising Ways to Use a Shed as a Workshop

Years ago when you thought of a shed you didn’t think of a space for your creative side to run wild. Instead a shed was thought of as merely extra storage, most commonly for your lawn mower and a few garden tools. This shed narrative has been completely thrown out and you have the freedom to dream. An at-home office, sewing room, and a workshop are just a few of the latest trends in how people use their sheds.

Garage Sheds | Things You Should Know

Whether its the ATV or the lawn mower, or both that are causing your garage to be an uncontrolled mess. A garage shed is an option that should be seriously considered. From the flooring to the doors, a garage shed is built tougher to support the equipment and toys that can so often get in the way in your car garage.