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Everything You Need to Know About Loafing Sheds

Is a Loafing Shed Worth It?

Stop asking yourself is a Loafing Shed Worth it. Instead, ask yourself what your animals mean to you and how much do you care about them. When you ask yourself these questions, then buying a Loafing Shed becomes an easy decision. Obviously, you care about your animals a lot, whether they are a money investment or they are family pets that are practically a part of your family, they deserve proper care and attention. The Loafing Shed provides a place where your animals can rest and relax, free from the ever-changing weather. A Loafing Shed is an easy and extremely affordable way to provide care for your animals, so the answer to your question, Is a Loafing Shed Worth it, is a resounding yes!

If you aren’t convinced yet, that is alright. As longtime farmers turned shed builders, we are passionate about the care animals receive. Too many times improper facilities and shelters lead to stress, weight loss, poor quality meat, and ultimately unhappy animals that aren’t living their best lives. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Loafing Sheds. We already answered the question, Is a Loafing Shed Worth it, and we go on to answer 7 of the most common questions regarding Loafing Sheds: #1 What is a Loafing Shed, #2 Why is it Called a Loafing Shed, #3 What is a Loafing Shed used for, #4 Where should a Loafing Shed be placed, #5 How much does a loafing shed cost, #6 What size loafing shed do I need, and in the end, we tie it all together by telling you #7 Why You Need a Loafing Shed.

What is a Loafing Shed?

A Loafing Shed is a cost-effective structure that is designed and built to provide shelter and protection for all types of animals. A Loafing Shed is a great spot for your animals to get out of the wind, rain, sun, or any other inclement weather. A Loafing Shed can also be used as a tack room for equipment or a place to keep food for your animals.

Why is it Called a Loafing Shed?

It is called a Loafing Shed because it is an outdoor structure that is specifically designed and built for animals to move seamlessly in and out while wandering around. Most often a three-sided structure, the Loafing Shed is a designated spot where your animals can hangout and socialize together while remaining free from the elements.

what is a loafing shed

What is a Loafing Shed used for?

A loafing shed is used to provide shelter for livestock from harsh weather elements including rain, snow, sun, etc. Loafing sheds are also used to store tack and other supplies one might need. Loafing sheds are designed to give animals easy access in and out of the shed at their convenience.

Where Should a Loafing Shed be Placed?

Placement and orientation of your Loafing Shed is very important to the effectiveness of the Loafing Shed. Your Loafing Shed should be placed so the structure blocks the cold winter winds, while still providing the best summer shade. Typically, the cold comes from the north and the sun comes from the west, and so the ideal orientation is somewhere in-between. Also, you will want to place your shed in a high dry spot, typically where horses like to hangout. The Contour of your land and any wooded areas on your land can also affect where you should place your Loafing Shed.

How Much Does a Loafing Shed Cost?

A 10×18 Loafing Shed costs around $3500. A 12×24 Loafing Shed costs around $6500. Both of these Loafing Sheds are durable wood built structures that will last for years to come. Don’t waste your money on a Loafing Shed that is built from cheap metal instead of solid wood.

What Size Loafing Shed do I Need?

Loafing Sheds come in a variety of sizes, the most common ones being the 10×18 and 12×24 structures. A 10×18 Loafing Shed is sufficient for 1-2 horses, while a 12×24 would be enough room for 3-4 horses. As you add horses, the size of your Loafing Shed should increase by 12 feet. It is better to have a couple of Loafing Sheds than one big Loafing Shed.

Why You Need a Loafing Shed

A Loafing Shed is an excellent option if you are looking for a durable, and affordable shelter for your animals. The Loafing Shed is properly built and positioned, provides protection for your animals from rain, snow, wind, and the sun. Give your animals a shelter they can enjoy. If you care at all about your animals, then you already know why you need a Loafing Shed.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about the Loafing Sheds, or if you are in the area, come visit us. We would love to see you.

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