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Best Shed for the Money

Jordan Slabaugh - December 12, 2023

Money matters. Sure, the economy is doing well, but that’s no reason to throw your money away. How can you decide on the best shed for the money? We’re here to help.

With the advance of the Internet, choices these days are limitless. Amazon and eBay, not to mention individual sellers of products online; choices abound. You can definitely save in the short term by simply clicking on the least expensive wood shed you can find for the money. But how wise is that? Here are a few things to consider when shopping for the best portable shed for the money.

1. Cost

Which is the Best Shed for the Money…is it the cheapest one? The most expensive?

kauffman structures fair pricing goes along way to getting the best shed for the money

If the best storage building for the money would always be the cheapest one, your choice would be simple. Do a bit of research, pull out your wallet, and you’re good to go? Hardly! Since when is real life that simple? You know better. Many things enter into a decision like this.

We’ve all seen the signs… “Priced to Sell!” Have you ever thought through the logic behind that phrase? To me that’s akin to shouting, “I’m desperate to get rid of this!”, or “Just because it’s cheap you should buy it!” A 12×24 Shed is a great size that offers lots of space without breaking the bank.

Here at Kauffman Structures, we believe in pricing our storage sheds fairly. They may not be the cheapest on the market but buy a shed from us, and we guarantee it is a quality shed; truly the best backyard shed for the money. That brings us to our next point.

2. Quality

What does Quality have to do with the Best Storage Building for the Money?

kauffman structures quality control makes a big difference when youre shopping for the best shed for the money

We don’t mean to be critical of all the other sheds on the market, but we don’t have control over their product. On the other hand, we know what we sell. We believe that every garden shed that leaves our lot says something about us.

Some of our attention to detail may come as a surprise to you but to us are an integral part of the way we do business. Here are just a few points (think of them as commitments) of quality control for us.

The Best Shed for the Money means:

No exposed fasteners.

-We believe the fasteners holding your shed should do their work behind the scenes.

No nails coming through where they shouldn’t

-Is this attention to detail necessary? We think so!

No sunlight should be seen through a door gasket.

-When building a shed one may say, “After all, we’re not building cabinets.” True, but we’re of the persuasion that when we construct anything worthwhile, be it cabinets or sheds, age-old wisdom should still apply: “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might.”

What do these building standards mean for you? Consider just the difference in cheap siding versus the highest-grade possible siding that we use here at Kauffman’s. The long-term difference is astounding!

best shed siding from kauffman

LP Smartside is rot-resistent siding.

All of this adds up to our way of assisting you in getting the best outdoor storage shed for the money. For more information about how we build sheds, check out our building standards page:

3. Caring

Why do we care so much about giving you the Best Shed for the Money?

kauffman structures consider family business values when looking for the best shed for the money

We operate a family business. We also strive to treat you, our customer, like family. When you trust us with your business, we want to do our best to make sure you are fully satisfied. After all, we can’t have one of the family upset with us.

4. Individualized

Can you really get the Best Storage Building for your Money from a faceless person?

kauffman structures cut out the middle mand and get more bang for you buck with sheds in ia

When you deal with us, you deal with not only the builder, but also the seller as well as the shipper. With some businesses out there, you may never get to know the actual manufacturer of the product you’re buying. Your product may go through two or even three pairs of hands.

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover and first impressions may not always be correct, but we think you’ll like our personal friendly approach to giving you the very best shed for your money.

5. Customer Service

When the sale has been made and there’s a problem will you still feel you have the Best Shed for the Money?

kauffman structures we guarantee yours satisfaction when you buy our iowa sheds

When dealing with many businesses, especially online, they will ask you if you want to purchase a warranty. Doesn’t this seem just a bit odd to you? When you buy a shed from us rest assured that we will back our work 100%. Giving you the best storage building for the money means making sure you’re satisfied. After all, you’re now part of the Kauffman Structures family!

I invite you to experience the difference of a Kauffman quality shed. I believe you’ll conclude like many others, when you buy a shed from Kauffman Structures, you truly are getting the best shed for the money. Get a price on our portable buildings price list now

kauffman structures which is truly the best shed for the money iowa

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