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10×20 Sheds: What You Should Know

Jordan Slabaugh - December 11, 2023

Whether you’re new to the world of sheds or you can identify shed types while driving down the road, there might be some questions surrounding what size shed is right for your needs. Let’s look at the 10×20 shed and discover if it’s a great fit for you!

Blog Contents:
1: Intro
2: Three 10×20 Shed Types
3: 10×20 Shed Uses & Ideas
4: 10×20 Shed Styles
5: 10×20 Shed Maintenance
6: 10×20 Shed Prices
7: Build Your Own 10×20 Shed
8: Summing Up 10×20 Shed

A 10×20 shed is a storage shed on the larger size offering a wide list of possibilities to utilize its space, both for optimization and creativity. The 10×20 shed sports a whopping 200 sq. ft. of usable spacing, allowing its owner to renovate or adapt it to almost any purpose.

Whether you’re looking for extra storage, a place to store your garden equipment, recreational vehicle parking, or just a personal getaway, a 10×20 shed has an open door waiting for you. Let’s check it out!

Three 10×20 Shed Types

So, we got our size nailed down, but what about the type of shed? There are several different ways sheds are built and it’s essential to select the one right for you. Let’s look at several different kinds so we can figure out which one would suite our needs best.

1. Wooden Sheds:

One of the most popular building styles, as their name implies, wooden sheds are built primarily of wood from the floor joists to the rafters. This classic construction method ensure that you have a solid sturdy structure that is both durable and beautiful.

2. Metal Sheds:

A slight misnomer, metal sheds are not entirely made of metal. These sheds also feature a wooden frame and then are covered in a high-quality metal siding. While offering a slightly different look style-wise, metal sheds have increased durability while also providing low maintenance and added resistance to fire, pests, and the weather.

3. Plastic Sheds:

The cheapest option in the lineup are plastic sheds. These quick and easy to assemble options, are a great choice for those looking for quick storage, will have low usage/traffic, or want the freedom to move the structure to a new location easily down the road.

10×20 Shed Uses & Ideas

Alright, we got the size and shed type locked in, now, what are we going to use it for? Maybe you already have that figured out. “I want a storage shed to store stuff.” Awesome! But there are so many more uses for a 10×20 shed besides storage.

Its larger size equips the 10×20 storage shed to fulfill a plethora of uses and purposes. Let’s take a look at some!

10×20 Shed Styles

Now that you got your size, type, and purpose figured out, the last thing to figure out is esthetics. The exterior of your shed has to match either your personal style and/or the environment you’re putting it in. Let’s take a look at our four main 10×20 shed styles below!

The Gable Shed

Owning the title of our base model, the Gable Shed sports a simple design with a low pitch and basic trim. This beautiful and economic option can also be upgraded with the addition of windows, extra doors, ramps, and more! The 10×20 shed model feature 6.5’ sidewalls and a gable style roof.

The Carriage Wood Shed

10x20 shed carriage shed

The cute and traditional vibe of the Carriage Shed make it a popular option among our customers. Sporting its unique side door access and front overhang, a 10×20 shed in this style is sure to fit naturally into any environment.

The Cottage Storage Shed

10x20 shed man cottage

A twist on the classic a-frame shed, our Cottage Wood Shed is a beautiful addition to any property or backyard. Featuring a steeping roof pitch, side door access, windows a plenty, and a larger overhang, this shed is sure to provide ample space for your storage needs.

The High Barn Shed

This gambrel style shed with loft borrows from a classic barn-style esthetic. The High Barn Shed offers an extended wall height providing extra loft storage in addition to increased sure footage.

10×20 Shed Maintenance

Now that you have your new 10×20 shed, we want to ensure it stays in tip-top shape for it’s entire lifespan. Thankfully, that’s an easier task than you might think!

Remember to regularly check the roof and walls for damaged areas such as lost shingles, broken windows, etc. Be sure to keep the roof clear of branches, leaves, and other debris. This will prevent any buildup causing your shed to break down faster.

To keep your shed shiny and new, a new coat of paint or sealing can be applied after many years to make it look brand new once again! Regular cleaning with a light power washer or mild soap will also keep it pristine!

10×20 Shed Prices

Let’s talk price. The cost of your new 10×20 storage shed will depend on the style selected and add-ons you chose. On average, the price of a 10×20 shed will be between $5,000-$12,000.

Want a hint? Wooden sheds tend to be the sweet spot between durability and cost! Plastic sheds are very cheap, but often fall apart quite quickly. Metal sheds top the list on the price scale, but also bring long-lasting durability to the table.

Build Your Own 10×20 Shed

10x20 shed gable shed 2

Design your own 10×20 shed that’s perfect for your needs and matches your style! With our 3D Builder, it’s as easy as sitting on the couch. Design your new structure today!

Summing Up 10×20 Shed

So we’ve chatted style, types, uses, customizations, prices, and more surrounding 10×20 sheds. What can we conclude? A 10×20 shed is a versatile and practical structure for home and property owners looking to add value to their land, start a new hobby, or simply declutter their living space. So, what’s stopping you? Check out our 3D Builder or request your free quote today!

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