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Understanding A Garage Shed

In life, you might be constantly asking yourself these questions. What is the best use of my time? What is the best use of my hard-earned money? What is the best use of my space?  In the press of life’s busyness, you may have found yourself trying to cut corners or multi-task in ways that compromised your desired quality.  This happens to everybody and especially with the smaller details of life. But when it comes to your time, money, and space, these are specific areas in which you don’t want to cut corners with quality. Which is why you are curious, a garage shed? Do the two really go together? Or is it just another cheap, combined marketing tragedy(strategy) that will leave you with regret years down the road.

In this blog, let’s discuss garage sheds, what are they are, if they really mix, and what they offer you!

garage shed

What is a garage shed?

A garage shed is a portable structure that is built with large enough dimensions capable of housing a vehicle, ATVs, or lawnmowers. This structure is built with strong materials with the capacity to provide adequate support for your vehicle, garden equipment, etc. It has the appearance of a portable shed with the full functions of a garage including a garage door.

white garage shed
garage shed with porch

Garage + Shed =?  Do Sheds and Garages Go Together?

This is a fair question. Especially, considering the fact, that when you think of a storage shed and you think of a garage, your mind visualizes two different backyard buildings. When you picture a shed, you often imagine a smaller portable structure that has the capacity of holding rakes, small garden equipment, and extra storage items.  Whereas when you imagine a garage, you picture a heavy-duty, permanent structure that can house a vehicle, lawnmower, or motorcycles.

However, the two go together better than you might have imagined, especially a Kauffman’s Structures prefabricated garage shed, but first, let’s go ahead and answer some concerns that naturally come with this speculation.


Garage sheds are growing in popularity and you can expect to see them in your surrounding neighborhoods and beyond. The reason for this growing interest is that now more than ever people are recognizing that sheds and garages are way more compatible than once imagined. And not just compatible, but economical, and long-lasting.

outdoor building structures for sale in ia

Our conclusion is that a garage shed is more than just a shed with a garage door! It is an extra heavy-duty structure that is made to hold your vehicle and farm equipment! And this is what makes a Kauffman Structure’s Prefabricated garage shed so special!

Let’s walk through the flooring, interior siding, adjustable ramp, and large roll-up door that Kauffman Structures uses to make their garage sheds sturdy, strong, and long-lasting!

Kauffman Structures’ Garage Shed Flooring

Prefab Shed Flooring

One of the most important parts of any garage is its flooring, and at Kauffman Structures, we don’t take flooring lightly. As you can view in the video clip, we are satisfied with only the best of heavy-duty floors. Our flooring choice is from the brand AdvanTech which is an industry leader for strength and stiffness,  its superior water-resistance (check out the video clip for demonstration), and superb fastener holding power which keeps the floor flat. As you might have heard owner Curtis Kauffman share, “We feel this flooring is bullet proof!”

Kauffman’s Structures’ Garage Shed Interior Siding

Storage Shed Siding & Framing

Your prefabricated garage needs a solid floor, but it also needs reliable and sturdy siding to hold up the roof and guarantee reliable protection from outside elements.  Kauffman Structures knows the importance of quality lumber and siding. We import our high grade lumber from Canada and rely on Smartside siding which ensures a tight, waterproof, weatherproof, and insect proof product.

Kauffman Structures’ Garage Shed Large Roll-Up Door

Shed Roll-Up Door

Every garage is accented by a reliable door.  And our garage sheds aren’t just a shed with a garage door! Our garage sheds have options. You can choose a garage shed with a roll-up door, instead of the typical overhead door. Our roll-up garage door option offers easier maintenance and great insulation.

Kauffman Structures’ Garage Shed Adjustable Ramps

Shed Loading Ramp

We offer heavy-duty adjustable ramps to allow for easy access into your garage shed. These ramps will make a handy addition to your garage shed with its ability to be adjusted according to your needs. So, whether you need to bring your car, ATV, or lawnmower into your garage shed, Kauffman’s adjustable ramps will make a smooth and seamless transition.

Your Space is Worth It!

At Kauffman Structures, we believe your space is worth it! Not only your space, but your time, and your money. We are dedicated to ensuring you get the best for your money, time, and space and that is why we build our garage sheds with top-notch quality and no shortcuts.

Check out our portable garage sheds and get a quote today!

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