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What is the Portable Garage shed?

This is a prefab , portable garage designed to store mid sized vehicles, motorcycles, lawn and garden equipment, ATVs, and more. It provides a flexible alternative to building a permanent structure on your property. It comes fully assembled and ready to use.

We’re focusing on storing larger items like vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and atvs, so it comes with a large roll-up door, a walk in entry door, and a window. An extra heavy floor anticipates heavier vehicles and equipment.

What are the features of the Portable Garage shed?

Consider the portable garage. We can bring it to your property fully assembled and ready for you to put to use immediately. We built the floor extra heavy, with joists 12 inches on center, topped by our sturdy ¾ inch tongue and groove flooring. This allows you to drive your equipment and vehicles into the garage without worrying if you’re stressing the building. It comes standard with an 8 foot wide by 7’ tall roll up door to accommodate large items. 8’ sidewalls give you plenty of headroom inside. An extra walk in entry door gives you ease of access when you don’t want to open the larger roll up door. A 24×36 window gives you some natural light even when the doors are closed.

You’re looking for a feasible alternative to building an expensive permanent garage structure. You need a building that can be brought to your property, fully assembled, and ready to park your equipment and vehicle in. If you’re tired of storing your boat, antique vehicle, or motorcycle in mini storage, then this is the solution for you.

What does a Portable Garage shed cost?

The cost of a Portable Garage shed depends on the size and features you choose.
The price of each available size with the standard features is listed below.

small Portable Garages
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medium Portable Garages
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large Portable Garages
Size Price RTO
12′ × 20′



12′ × 22′



12′ × 24′



12′ × 28′



14′ × 20′



14′ × 22′



14′ × 24′



14′ × 28′



14′ × 30′



How can I get my own Portable Garage shed?

Buying a building is a significant decision, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.
We’ve broken it down into 3 simple steps.

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