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Horse Run-In Shed: What You Need to Know 2024

Jordan Slabaugh - April 5, 2024

A horse run-in shed is a great way to get your horse more exercise, keep the work and cleanout jobs to a minimum, and give your horse the healthiest environment possible. Horses were made to run and enjoy the freedom of the wide open space, which is why a horse run-in shed is a great alternative to the traditional stable in the barn. Keep reading to find out the benefits of a horse run-in shed, how big they should be, and how little they actually cost. 

Every horse needs both a place to run and stretch its legs as well as shelter when the weather turns ugly. That is where the Horse Run-In Shed comes in. Filling the niche between an open pasture and a stall in your barn. The portable run-in shed offers you the best of both worlds. They allow your horse to enjoy the freedom of life in the pasture, and then choose to find shelter whenever they want to. 

What Is a Run-In Shed?

A run-in shed, or loafing shed, is a three-sided structure with a roof. When you situate the open side faced away from the prevailing wind, a run-in shed will provide shelter for your horses or other livestock in most weather conditions and still give them the option to get out and enjoy the open space whenever they choose. This will save you both time and money as you won’t have to worry about cleaning out the stalls as often or feeding them as much as they’ll be grazing in the meadow, and overall will give you a healthier animal.

Benefits of a Horse Run-In Shed

An Affordable Shelter Solution

We would all love to build that dream horse barn for our favorite horses. Unfortunately, that isn’t always an option. But a simple and sturdy Horse Run In Shed is a great affordable solution for providing your horse or horses shelter from the rain, wind, and sun without breaking the bank. Get a free quote on a loafing shed or horse shelter today. 

Give Your Horse a choice!

With a horse loafing shed, your horse will have the option to be out in the great outdoors or shelter under a roof whenever it wants to without having to be opening and closing your barn doors constantly. In addition, having your livestock out in the sunshine is a proven health benefit and will allow your horses to roam more freely.

Less Work + Less Cleanup

Another benefit is how a loafing shed minimizes the amount of stall cleanout and shoveling you will have to do. Along with saving money and resources with the smaller amount of bedding that you will need to be using. So if you’re ready to stop shoveling and start enjoying your horse, then a run-in shed is a great place to start. 

Horse Run-In Shed Sizes

A horse run-in shed should be at least 10×12 or 12×12, which is approximately 120 sq. ft. If you have two horses, you will want at least 240 sq. ft of space or a 12×20 loafing shed. And with each additional horse, you should add at least 60 sq. ft. or about 6 ft of length to your run-in sheds. In short, you will want to provide enough space for your animals to move around freely without constantly bumping into each other or the walls. The roof should be around 8’ at the back and 10’ to 12’ at the front. Below is a table explaining the ideal sizes for your horse shed. 

# of HorsesDimensions Square Footage 
One Horse12×12144 sq. ft. 
Two Horses12×20240 sq. ft. 
Each Additional Horse5-6 ft of length *60 sq. ft.
*How long your run-in shed will depend on how deep it is. The total additional square footage should be 60 sq. ft. or more. 

Horse Run-In Shed Styles from Kauffman Structures

Horse Shelters

Our horse shelter is designed and built to meet your horse’s needs and provide protection for them without breaking the bank. Features specific to our horse shelters

So if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing addition to your pasture that also meets the needs of your horses, than check out our horse shelter from Kauffmans Structures.

Horse Shelter Pricing

SizePrice Rent-To-Own
*For additional sizes and updated pricing, contact us at

Loafing Sheds

The Loafing Shed is a simple livestock shelter that is not only affordable but practical as well. Built with heavy-duty framing to withstand the extra wear and tear and finished with metal siding and a metal roof. A few more features of our loafing shed from Kauffman Structures. 

Horse Loafing Shed Pricing

SizePrice Rent-To-Own
*For additional sizes and updated pricing, contact us at

FAQs Horse Run-In Shed

Do Horses Need a Run-In Shed?

Horses do not necessarily need a run-in shed, but it is important that they have adequate shelter in case of rain and wind and shade for those hot sunny afternoons. So if you don’t have a barn or stall otherwise, then a horse loafing shed is a great alternative. 

What Direction Should a Horse Run in Shed Face?

Because a horse run-in shed is a three-sided structure, it is important to set your shed facing the right direction. A general rule of thumb is that facing the opening toward the south is a good place to start. Because most of the prevailing winds come from the north or northwest, and the warmth of the sun will help keep your animals cozy, facing south is the proper way to install your shed. 

Wrapping It Up…

Do you have an open pasture or meadow but don’t feel like moving your horse back and forth between the barn and the pasture? Give our Horse Run-In Sheds a try. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but your horse will love you for it!

Contact us today to get your free quote on our Horse Shelters and Loafing sheds. We’d love to hear from you! 

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