iowa utility shed for sale from Kauffman Structures

What is the Gable utility shed?

The Gable shed is the tried and true workhorse of the shed lineup. It focuses on providing you the necessary storage at the most reasonable price, without sacrificing any of the quality that you should expect from a Kauffman Shed.

We understand that a shed needs to function well for you, year after year. The Gable shed features the same quality materials and craftsmanship that make up each of our other shed models, and it continues to be a bestseller here at Kauffman Structures.

Convince me to buy a Gable utility shed.

When you’re after the most storage space possible without the extras, you need the Gable shed. With its standard 6.5’ sidewalls, or optional 8’ sidewall, you get lots of wall area for shelving and hanging all your tools.

What features make the Gable utility shed a fit?

The Gable shed comes standard with 5 foot wide double doors that can be positioned on the end or the side of the shed. For the larger building, consider an extra set of doors to give you ease of access to what you need, when you need it. 76” sidewalls are standard on 10’ wide buildings and 81” sidewalls are standard on 12’ wide buildings. Consider going with the 8’ sidewall if you need that extra headroom or wall area. Roll-up garage doors are a perfect option when you’ll be moving larger equipment or even a vehicle, in and out frequently. Add windows to bring in some light and give your Gable more curb appeal.

What does a Gable utility shed cost?

The cost of a Gable utility shed depends on the size and features you choose.
The price of each available size with the standard features is listed below.

small utility sheds
Size Price RTO
6×8 Gable



8×10 Gable



8×12 Gable



8×14 Gable



8×8 Gable



medium utility sheds
Size Price RTO
10×10 Gable



10×12 Gable



10×14 Gable



10×16 Gable



10×18 Gable



10×20 Gable



large utility sheds
Size Price RTO
12×12 Gable



12×14 Gable



12×16 Gable



12×18 Gable



12×20 Gable



12×22 Gable



12×24 Gable



12×28 Gable



14×16 Gable



14×18 Gable



14×20 Gable



14×22 Gable



14×24 Gable



14×28 Gable



14×30 Gable



How can I get my own Gable utility shed?

Buying a building is a significant decision, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.
We’ve broken it down into 3 simple steps.

Ready for a spaciously satisfying home and garden?

Will the Gable shed measure up to your needs and expectations? If you think so, then please feel free to fill out this quote request. We would love to talk with you as well, to clarify any other issues you may have questions about. You can call Curtis at 641-414-1925, or call the home office at 641-445-5573. You can give cash price for the shed, paying a 20% deposit to place your order, with the balance due on delivery. If you prefer a convenient monthly payment instead, you can get your shed through a rent to own contract.

Waiting around won’t get you that utility shed. From here, you can choose how to get your Gable. How would you like to proceed?