Cottage 7

What is the Cottage wood storage shed?

The cottage shed is our favorite and premium model here at Kauffman Structures. It continues the tradition of superior quality and function, while giving extra attention to design features that make it an extra good looking backyard shed.

When we designed the cottage, our end goal was something more than just a storage shed. We focused in on things like a steeper roof pitch, larger overhangs, wider trim, and larger windows, all to give a look that sets it apart from the rest.

What are the features of the Cottage wood storage shed?

The cottage shed can easily fit all these functions. It comes standard with 5’ double doors on the side and an 18×36 window on each side of the door, letting in lots of natural light. The steeper roof is more like that of many of your modern homes, helping it to blend well with your landscape, and avoiding looking like an ordinary storage utility shed. Larger overhangs and wider trims at the roofline make a nice design statement, allowing it to look more like your house, and not your neighbor’s barn.

  1. If you want the best looking portable shed, choose the Cottage.
  2. If you like the looks of a steeper roof, which also gives you an amazing amount of interior headroom, then choose the Cottage.
  3. If you need to impress your neighbors and incite a little envy, then by all means, choose the Cottage.
  4. If you need the perfect workshop for your hobby, then a cottage shed will provide you with private space that you need.
Whether you live in the city or the country, the cottage will add that extra charm you’ve always wanted in a garden shed.

What does a Cottage wood storage shed cost?

The cost of a Cottage wood storage shed depends on the size and features you choose.
The price of each available size with the standard features is listed below.

Please note that due to supply issues and skyrocketing lumber prices, we have been forced to increase all shed prices. Please contact us for a current quote on your shed.

small Cottages
Call for pricing.
medium Cottages
Size Price RTO
10′ × 12′



10′ × 14′



10′ × 16′



10′ × 18′



10′ × 20′



large Cottages
Size Price RTO
12′ × 12′



12′ × 14′



12′ × 16′



12′ × 18′



12′ × 20′



12′ × 22′



12′ × 24′



12′ × 28′



12′ × 30′



14′ × 18′



14′ × 20′



14′ × 22′



14′ × 24′



14′ × 28′



14′ × 30′



How can I get my own Cottage wood storage shed?

Buying a building is a significant decision, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.
We’ve broken it down into 3 simple steps.

What Customers Say about Kauffman Structures

Are you ready to choose the Cottage?

  1. Satisfy your desire for a beautiful shed and give us a call at 641-414-1925.
  2. Fill out the simple online form to get your free quote.
  3. Plan your shed size, color, and options.  We’re happy to offer you advice based on years of experience of providing customers the exact shed they need.
  4. Visit us at our home office if you get the chance.  We’re always happy to see you and show you around.
  5. Order your shed, send us a security deposit, and prepare your site while we create the space of your dreams.

Waiting around won't get you that wood storage shed. From here, you can choose how to get your Cottage. What would you like to do next?