Carriage 7

What is the Carriage wood shed?

Built to make the most out of a backyard shed with side door access, while offering some extra design flare with a 14-inch overhang. The two windows allow for lots of natural light. This shed for sale is one of our early designs that has provided many customers with a practical and beautiful storage space.

Featuring the Kauffman Structures quality and attention to detail that you expect from every one of our outdoor sheds models, the Carriage backyard Shed offers a unique offset roofline, with an extra large overhang on one side, making it an ideal choice when you want side doors on your shed.

What features make the Carriage wood shed a fit?

The Carriage shed comes standard with 5’ double doors in the side and two 18×23 windows. The extra large, 14” overhang gives extra weather protection and offers its own unique look to your outdoor shed. The 6’ rear wall and 7’ foot front wall give it the offset roofline. Consider a set of shutters for each window to finish it off with a classic “New England” look. You can also order larger windows is you prefer. If you’re a green thumb then don’t forget to add the optional flower boxes below the windows.

If your shed location is suited best for a building with doors in the side, then consider the Carriage backyard Shed. While most any of our portable sheds can be ordered with a side door, the Carriage Backyard Shed makes it standard and gives you the extra charm of windows on each side of the door, and a large overhang which provides extra weather protection and gives you a perfect place for your hanging flower pots. This backyard shed has side doors that allow you to access your stored items without tripping over things in the process.

What does a Carriage wood shed cost?

The cost of a Carriage wood shed depends on the size and features you choose.
The price of each available size with the standard features is listed below.

Please note that due to supply issues and skyrocketing lumber prices, we have been forced to increase all shed prices. Please contact us for a current quote on your shed.

small Carriages
Size Price RTO
8′ × 10′



8′ × 12′



8′ × 14′



medium Carriages
Size Price RTO
10′ × 10′



10′ × 12′



10′ × 14′



10′ × 16′



10′ × 18′



10′ × 20′



large Carriages
Size Price RTO
12′ × 12′



12′ × 14′



12′ × 16′



12′ × 18′



12′ × 20′



12′ × 22′



12′ × 24′



12′ × 28′



12′ × 30′



14′ × 18′



14′ × 20′



14′ × 22′



14′ × 24′



14′ × 28′



14′ × 30′



How can I get my own Carriage wood shed?

Buying a building is a significant decision, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.
We’ve broken it down into 3 simple steps.

What Customers Say about Kauffman Structures

Is it time for your own personal space saver?

If the Carriage Shed is what you’re after, just

1. Give Curtis a call at 641-414-1925. If you still have some questions about what will best meet your needs, we’ll be happy to advise you on what shed will provide you the most satisfaction. Or you may request a free quote through our online form.
2. Finalize shed style, size, color, and options.
3. Send us a security deposit to place your order. You can choose either a cash sale or a convenient rent to own contract.
4. Complete any site preparation before delivery of your backyard shed.

Waiting around won't get you that wood shed. There's more than one way to buy a Carriage. What would you like to do next?