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What is the Loafing Shed livestock shelter?

A place for your livestock and animal friends to get in out of the weather. A 3 sided run-in shelter and loafing shed for sale.

We understand that those with large animal pets and livestock need to be able to provide a good place for animals to rest and be protected from harsh weather. We built the loafing shed to be just that, a sturdy and rugged structure that can be installed just about anywhere to provide the shelter you need. Not everyone has the luxury of a large barn, and many times, your animals may need more than one space to find protection.

What are the features of the Loafing Shed livestock shelter?

The loafing sheds from Kauffmans are designed to provide a solution to all the above questions. Whether it’s horses, cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, you name it; healthy animals need sturdy protection from the elements. The 3 sided loafing sheds come in various sizes and heights, depending on the size of your animals. The shelters rest on sturdy 6×6 pressure treated runners so they can easily be moved from one location to another. The wood structure is covered with metal panels to provide long lasting weather protection. The inside is lined with 2×6 boards to keep your livestock from catching a foot in a corner somewhere, and also to protect the metal panels from extra abuse that can come when housing livestock.

If you’re looking for a shelter for your animals to get in out of the wind and rain, then the loafing shed is for you. When you need a structure that can provide protection for your livestock, but withstand the abuse that comes along with that, a livestock shelter is what you want. Check out our blog post about 7 Health Benefits of a (Horse Shed)

What does a Loafing Shed livestock shelter cost?

The cost of a Loafing Shed livestock shelter depends on the size and features you choose.
The price of each available size with the standard features is listed below.

Please note that due to supply issues and skyrocketing lumber prices, we have been forced to increase all shed prices. Please contact us for a current quote on your shed.

small Loafing Sheds
Call for pricing.
medium Loafing Sheds
Size Price RTO
10′ × 18′



10′ × 20′



large Loafing Sheds
Size Price RTO
12′ × 18′



12′ × 20′



12′ × 24′



How can I get my own Loafing Shed livestock shelter?

Buying a building is a significant decision, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.
We’ve broken it down into 3 simple steps.

What Customers Say about Kauffman Structures

Sick and dead animals are bad news for you and your pocketbook.

Here’s a story: This winter my cousin bought a livestock shelter for his calves, which were extremely susceptible to sickness. The very next day he told me that the shelter had already paid off. He found a calf, which was coming down with sickness, resting in the warmth of the shelter. He was then able to treat it accordingly and bring it back to good health.

This can be your story, just call us today or send us a quote request. We’d be happy to get you the shelter that will suit the needs of your animals and give you the peace of mind you long for.

Let's get going with that livestock shelter. From here, you can choose how to get your Loafing Shed. How would you like to proceed?