So you need more storage space, or maybe room to store your favorite vehicle. What is the best solution? A Portable Car Garage sounds appealing, but isn’t a permanent garage a permanent solution and therefore the best choice?

Maybe, maybe not. In this post, we’ll take a look at when it may be better to opt for a Portable Car Garage.

Maybe I Need a Permanent Garage, not a Portable Car Garage

You may want to contact your local contractor to see how feasible a permanent garage would be on your site. Maybe you want one attached to your house, so you don’t need to go out in the weather before entering the house itself. However, a conventional attached garage has its own set of problems. Consider the following:

  • Access to the inside of the garage gives one access to the house proper; just another way for a thief to make himself at home.
  • Fumes from vehicles can also find their way into the main house.
  • When Junior decides to play his musical instruments in the garage wouldn’t it be better if it were FAR away from the house? ?

portable car garage in the snow in iowa

Permanent or Portable Car Garage?

What is a Portable Car Garage?

Is this image what you see in your mind when you think a “portable car garage”? Sure, you can pick up one of these at Amazon for a few hundred dollars, and it’s truly a Portable Garage. This is no doubt at one end of the portable spectrum; one person at each post and away we go!

  • Instant…✔Check.
  • Temporary…✔Definitely.
  • Portable…✔Of course!

One ambitious puff of wind and it will port itself right over to the neighbors! This is not the kind of Portable Car Garage we will sell you here at Kauffman Structures. Instead, our garage will stay put until you want to move it.

Value Added Portable Car Garage Shed

A portable car garage from Kauffman Structures is any structure that can be moved fairly easily, though not with the ease of a few men picking up poles and going a distance.

Consider the advantages of a portable car garage, Kauffman Structures style:

  • Well built…✔Check.
  • Attractive…✔Absolutely!
  • Movable?… ✔Yes.

The skids underneath our portable car garages ensure ease of transit if and when you decide to move it!

family car garage for sale

But isn't a Portable Car Garage Cheaply Built?

Permanent vs. Portable Car Garage 2

There’s no reason one of our Portable Car Garages can’t last as long as the typical attached garage with the options available today. You can even choose to have it custom painted to match your current house color, or you can choose the vinyl siding option.

While “cheaply built” does not fit our Portable Car Garage description, an “efficient process” is quite accurate. Your Portable Car Garage will be ready to use immediately following delivery. No worries about long weeks of a disruptive construction process. You will be able to begin the process of landscaping to your tastes, to give the final finishing touches that will allow your garage to blend in perfectly to your property.

Want to learn more? Check out our Building Standards page.

Will a Portable Car Garage Blend In?

This is a legitimate question. No one wants a portable shed that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Today’s Portable Car Garage isn’t the poorly built garden shed of the past. Not only are our structures built to last, we can dress up the exterior in ways that may even make your neighbor sit up and take notice! You know, the one who always has a perfectly manicured yard, flowerbeds weeded and edged precisely, buildings painted and in tip-top shape? ?

I recommend you come on over and see for yourself exactly what all is available. Any of our Portable Car Garages can be customized to your specifications, and many options are available. Check our page on how to prepare for my shed

fall scenery around portable car garages

How Expensive is a Portable Car Garage?

Compared to the cost of building a permanent garage a Portable Car Garage from Kauffman Structures is very reasonable indeed. Go ahead and get a price from a local builder for a permanent garage. Then visit our Portable Car Garages page and get a portable building price list. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Stop by our testimonials page and see what our customers have to say about our quality buildings…we strive to make YOU happy!

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