All your senses are engaged as you ride your motorcycle down your favorite country roads. You feel everything, down to the subtle temperature drop as you ride near a body of water. You smell the grass, and the trees, and the exhaust from other vehicles. Hyper-aware, you pay attention to the potholes, the curves, everything.

There is no experience like this.

And at the end of the day, rejuvenated by the thrilling ride, you return home.

Home, at least, for you. But where is the home for your motorcycle? Where can you keep it safe from the elements, where can you tinker with the engine, and where can you lock it away from would-be thieves? Where, in short, is your motorcycle sheds?

The History of the Motorcycle Shed

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photo credit: Southside Harley

Throughout history, backyard sheds have proved a great place to tinker with small engines. They’re relatively inexpensive buildings that keep both engine and engineer out of the rain and wind, and their casual nature alleviates the need to worry too much about untidiness or oil spills.

Inside Harley Davidson Shed
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In fact, some of the most famous motorcycle inventors of all, William Harley and the Davidson brothers, started the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company out of a 10×15 shed.

What are the advantages of having a motorcycle shed?

Having a shed in which to store your motorcycle or motorcycles, has many advantages. First, motorcycle sheds provide safety and protection. A motorcycle left outdoors is susceptible to damage from rain and dampness, as well as getting dirty from dust and bird poop.

Furthermore, motorcycles can be expensive, and they’re smaller and easier to steal than a car. Locking them in a shed keeps your motorcycle out of sight, and makes it much more difficult for a would-be thief to access.

But a motorcycle shed offers more than just protection. It also provides a way for you to keep all your motorcycle gear in one place. If you get a shed with enough space, you can use it as a workshop to tinker with your bike. Add a comfortable recliner and a mini-fridge, and you’ve created your own man cave based around your favorite hobby.

1. Workshop Motorcycle

If you have two motorcycles in your garage and you can’t park your vehicles there anymore. you have the options of getting a workshop shed that will hold your motorcycle and the tools you have puls a coach to relax in whenever you want. Even if you don’t have a garage, storing your motorcycle is better then keeping outside as we said in the blog above.

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photo credit: Tuff Shed

2. Motorcycle shed with a living room!

Check out this beautiful rustic old motorcycle garage shed. The Antique decor like the rugs and toolbox and the fire extinguisher adds a unique flare to this motorcycle shed.

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3. Showroom Motorcycle shed!

If you’re a proud owner of a motorcycle, then you would like to show how proud you are right? One way to showcase your beautiful bike is to create a showroom for it. The showroom can contain all of your motorcycle and memorable gear. A shed of any size could serve this propose.

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A shed with Harley Davidson motorcycle colors!

If you don’t want to have a shed like every other shed you see at a shed lot or online. Then get a custom color motorcycle shed of Harley Davidson. Take your time to think about what color of your future shed will make you happy.

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The Harley Davidson motorcycle Color: The High Barn Shed

What size of shed should I buy?

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Almost any size of shed can be made to work for your motorcycle. Even a tiny 6×8 storage shed should be able to fit your bike and some gear.

However, if you have the space to go a little bigger, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. You want to make sure you have ample space to park your bike, as well as room for a shelf for your gear.

If you go even bigger, your options expand. You can have space for another motorcycle. You can have a full workbench, and room to work on your bike. A little more space for a recliner and mini-fridge, and you have a full-on man cave.

Think about what functions you want your motorcycle to serve. Do you see yourself buying a second bike in the future? Do you want to use your shed as a space to repair and work on your motorcycle? Make sure the shed you buy has ample space to suit these needs.

What features should I consider for my shed?

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When it comes to your motorcycle shed, the most important thing you want to think about is quality. You want your shed to adequately protect your bike and last a long time. Here at Kauffman Structures, we are committed to building premium-quality sheds. For a full list of our building standards, click here.

You also need to consider how you’ll get your motorcycle into and out of the shed. Make sure you get wide enough doors, and choose a door placement that makes it easy for you to get your bike into and out of the building. Be sure to add a ramp for easy access.

Adding windows to your shed will let in great natural light and help you see better as you tinker with your bike. However, depending on the sort of neighborhood you live in, you may be careful about windows. You never know who could be looking in them and seeing the valuable equipment inside.

Finally, you should think about what color to paint your shed. Kauffman Structures offers a number of color options, and you should be able to match your existing home and other outdoor backyard buildings, if you wish to. On the other hand, if you provide the paint, Kauffman Structures will paint your motorcycle shed any colors you want. Go crazy and paint it black and orange Harley Davidson colors if you so choose!

Are you ready for a storage shed?

After thinking about all the things, you want to have in your motorcycle shed. Now you want to choose what style shed will fit your needs the best!

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The Gable Shed

If you want to protect your motorcycle from the weather, and thieves? The Gable Wood Shed is a very simple economical portable shed that is designed to store your motorcycle without breaking a budget. The gable shed is a perfect choice for your backyard or garden shed as well.

See The Gable Shed
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the Carriage Motorcycle Shed makes it standard and gives you the extra charm of windows on each side of the door, and a large overhang which provides extra weather protection.

See The Carriage Shed
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One small shed for man. One giant leap in shedkind.

The cottage shed is our favorite and premium model here at Kauffman Structures for your motorcycle storage. It continues the tradition of superior quality and function while giving extra attention to design features that make it a new good looking shed.

The Cottage Shed
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Classic. Accommodating.

The name pretty much says it all for the High Barn. It is built with significant storage space in mind. You will be able to fit your motorcycle and a few much much more, and it might be the perfect big man cave you always wanted. You get your outdoor sidewall storage shed space along with a loft, all with that nostalgic “barn” feeling.

See High Barn Shed

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