You are Your Child’s Hero

“Mommy, I made some cookies in my house! Please come over and eat some with me!” Your sweet child’s “homemade, double chocolate chip and marshmallow cookies” may be the product of their colorful imagination, but the invitation to their little abode is a real-life scenario. The earnest expression shining from your child’s expectant eyes, pulls you away from your present interests, out the backdoor, and into the yard. The door of your child’s small, yet darling playhouse quickly shuts in anticipation of your grand arrival.

As you go to knock on your kid’s playhouse there are no wafting scents of fresh homemade cookies, instead, you feel their excitement seeping out the door’s cracks and you hear their giddy giggles. You are their hero. You are their Super Star. You are the breath that empowers their creative imagination. 

Unleashing the Power of a Kid’s Playhouse 1

“Thanks for coming to my house,” they cheese.

As you take a bite of your imaginary cookie, you smile because you know who really bought them their kid’s playhouse. It was you. In this blog, let’s unleash the powerful potential of a kid’s playhouse with the following 5 fantastic benefits.

Zero Cons and Benefits Packed!

When it comes to your children and ensuring their health and well-being it is important to know the pros and cons of a “larger than life” toy, which in this case would be a kid’s playhouse. Great news, parents! We are going to stick merely with the benefits or pros on this one. Why?

Well, that’s the great news, there are no cons. A kid’s playhouse is packed with benefits for your child’s emotional and physical health. With the cons out of the way, let’s unpack some of those benefits!

With the cons out of the way, let’s unpack some of those benefits!

5 Fantastic Benefits of a Kid’s Playhouse

Unleashing the Power of a Kid’s Playhouse 2

1. Activates a Wild Imagination

Unleashing the Power of a Kid’s Playhouse 3
Photo Credit: Parenting First

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” This is a weighted quote especially since it comes from the smartest scientist of the 20th century, Albert Einstein.

When at one moment your child is a superhero flying above the trees and sporting your apron for a cape and the next they are delivering pizza to your front door, created in their kid’s playhouse ( or should I clarify ”Pizza Hut”), powerful brain connections are being developed.

Imagination coupled with a kid’s playhouse is a scrumptious recipe for fantastic fun-filled days!

Unleashing the Power of a Kid’s Playhouse 4
Photo Credit: Parenting

When a child uses their imagination in such ways, they are developing critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. Children are developing social and emotional development as they ponder different solutions with each other.  As your children play outdoors and in and around their kid’s playhouse, they are fostering a wild imagination that impacts their minds presently and prepares their creative and imaginative thinking skills for success in their schooling, their college days, and their future career.

Receive more insights in the benefits of developing your child’s imagination by checking out Bright Horizons, Nurturing Creativity & Imagination for Child Development.

2. Facilitates Lots of Exercise!

Unleashing the Power of a Kid’s Playhouse 5
Photo Credit: Standard Children

A kid’s playhouse offers a central grand station for outdoor exercise and play. As your child runs from the imaginary store to the bank and then back again to their house to whip up a culinary masterpiece, they are preventing childhood obesity, increasing their Vitamin D, strengthening their bones and muscles, and reducing their stress levels. All of which reduces the chance of future chronic diseases. And, all the while, they are having loads of fun!

3. Creates Countless Happy Memories

kid playhouses create countless memories

According to Health Psychology, happy memories created in childhood are linked to overall better health, decrease risk for depression, and fewer chronic diseases as an adult.

Unstructured, free play out in the sunshine and fresh air is a recipe for creating happy, carefree childhood memories.

Of course, you are key to cultivating those concrete happy memories. For example, like joining in their playhouse fun by stopping by to visit, delivering fruit popsicles or a picnic to enjoy together, or running around the yard in a random game of tag.

4. Evokes a Desire to be Out in the Fresh Air

Unleashing the Power of a Kid’s Playhouse 6
Photo Credit: GoodFon  

You might relate to this exasperated statement made in response to an inconsolably grumpy child, “you need some fresh air!” (quite likely you’ll need some of that fresh air by then too 😉

This is in fact a true statement! Fresh air is very healthy for your child. Fresh air cultivates within your child, a stronger immune system, increased amounts of healthy energy (not the sugar induced, bouncing off the walls kind of “energy”) promotes better sleep, and improves their sensory skills.  In fact, fresh air helps foster better attention spans and promotes better moods (a much-desired child behavior, right?). 

A kid’s playhouse creates a personal purpose and desire that draws your child outdoors into this fresh, rejuvenating air. Fresh air + Fun = One Happy Child!

5. Cultivates a Deep Bond with Your Kids

Unleashing the Power of a Kid’s Playhouse 7
Photo Credit: AttitudeMag

Ultimately, a kid’s playhouse offers a common ground for you and your child to bond.

Creating a secure bond attachment involves more than just efficient and loving caretaking of your children. A secure bond attachment evolves from non-verbal communication, such as touch, body language, eye contact, tone of voice, and your undivided presence and attention. When you sit in your kid’s playhouse with your cell phone out of sight, your eyes focused on their face, and a ready smile offered in response to their imaginative scenarios, you are developing the deepest level of secure bonding attachment with your child.

Unleashing the Power of a Kid’s Playhouse 8
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These types of interactions with your child have a deeper impact on their brain development and emotional well-being than all your caretaking efforts (such as provisions, schedules, and toys) combined (although not mutually exclusive).

Your Undivided Presence Makes the World Go Around

Unleashing the Power of a Kid’s Playhouse 9
Photo Credit: ExpectingScience

Remember, YOU are the best thing that has ever happened to your child! For further inspiration, check out what this Child Psychiatrist shares about ways to bond with your child.

The Power of a Kid’s Playhouse Unleashed

Unleashing the Power of a Kid’s Playhouse 11

There you have it! 5 Fantastic Benefits of a kid’s playhouse unleashed to empower you and your children.

Check out the Kid’s Playhouses designed and built by Kauffman Structures and choose one right now with your child or… completely surprise them.

Either way, enjoy and have fun!

Summer is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to bring home a kid’s playhouse and enjoy the benefits afforded by this wonderful home base of discovery!

Unleashing the Power of a Kid’s Playhouse 13

At Kauffman Structures, not only do we build playhouses, but we build these playhouses with the same quality that we build our sheds, garages, and animal shelters. With a playhouse like this, you might even be able to pass it on to your children’s children when the time comes!