What is the Chicken Coop hen house?

Kauffman’s answer to your chicken coop needs. A backyard chicken coop designed for approximately 10 to 30 chickens.

This shed comes complete with a nest box, roost, sliding chicken door, a walk in door, and 3 windows. We’ve bundled all these features into an 8x8 shed to give you a coop that is practical, useful, and looks absolutely perfect on your property.

Why would I need a Chicken Coop hen house?

If you want a chicken coop that looks great, and also provides a beautiful home for your feathered friends, then this is for you. If you like the idea of homesteading having your own flock of chickens to provide fresh, wholesome eggs, then you’ll want a coop like this to help make it happen.

What are the features of the Chicken Coop hen house?

Our coop comes ready to use.  So whether you’re a first timer or know all the ropes of raising chickens, you’ll appreciate all the neat features we’ve bundled into this coop for you and your birds.  A 30×72 inch walk in door gives you easy access to the inside of your coop. We’ve built in a roosting area for your birds as well. The sliding door allows you to easily open and close the chicken’s access to the outside and it provides security against intruders that don’t belong in the coop.  3 windows provide lots of natural light for the wellbeing of your chickens. Our standard 6-hole nest box has a hinged lid which opens easily and allows quick access to your eggs. You can also open the front of the nest box to easily clean the nests out from time to time.

What does a Chicken Coop hen house cost?

The cost of a Chicken Coop hen house depends on the size and features you choose.
The price of each available size with the standard features is listed below.

small Chicken Coops
Size Price RTO
8′ × 8′



medium Chicken Coops
Call for pricing.
large Chicken Coops
Call for pricing.

How can I get my own Chicken Coop hen house?

Buying a building is a significant decision, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.
We’ve broken it down into 3 simple steps.

Don’t be a chicken, treat your fowl friends to the best.

Waiting around won’t get you that hen house. There’s more than one way to buy a Chicken Coop. What would you like to do next?