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Improve Your Gardening with a Garden Shed

If you’re like many gardeners, you’re probably trying to juggle gardening along with a host of other interests and responsibilities. Time to spend in the garden can be hard to come by. We’re going to show you how to maximize your gardening efforts with garden shed ideas. It doesn’t matter if gardening is simply a side hobby or a serious business for you. In either case, you’ll benefit from a well-organized gardening hub that allows you to keep your gardening activities and tools organized.   Here’s how to turn your garden shed into your indispensable gardening hub.

7 Handpicked Garden Shed Ideas

The interior design of your garden shed is one of the most important parts of turning your outdoor storage shed into a gardening hub. Outfit your utility shed with the following 7 features.

1. Add a Writing Desk

What does writing have to do with gardening? A successful gardening venture begins with a well-thought-out plan. Create a space in your garden shed to write out your gardening plan for the year. Draw a layout of your garden and plan where stuff will be planted. Your writing desk should include a smooth surface for writing and a drawer to file away records from previous years. You may also want to consider keeping a journal of your gardening experience for future reference.

garden shed writing desk dresser

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2. Choose a Spot for Seed Storage

Designate a space in your garden portable shed for seed storage. Seeds should be stored in a tight container that prevents insects and rodents from getting into your seed stash. Also, check seed shelf life before you place them into storage. If gathering seeds from the current year’s harvest be sure to dry them thoroughly before placing them into storage.

garden shed seed box

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3. Add a Potting Area

In addition to the writing desk, you’ll want to install a work surface that can be used for tasks such as potting young plants. The area under the potting shelf can be used for storing pots and other potting related essentials. Install wider window sills that allow you to place your potted plants in a sheltered area that receives plenty of sunlight.

garden shed potting area

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4. Organize Your Tool Storage Area

Gardening would be much harder without the right tools. Designate a corner of your garden shed for tool storage. Use wall hooks and a shelf to keep smaller tools off the floor and make them more easily accessible. Label tool locations so you always know where to look for a tool when you need it.

garden shed

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5. Make Room for Soil and Mulch Storage

Designate a spot on the floor for storing extra potting soil and bags of mulch or compost for later use in the garden.

2 bags of much laying on the ground

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6. Take Control of Your Pest Control

The type of tools that you keep in your pest control arsenal will vary depending on whether or not you choose to garden organically (By the way, if you’ve never considered organic gardening you should give it a try.) As an organic gardener, you’ll need space in your garden backyard shed for electric bug zappers, fencing materials, and other items that are useful for keeping pests at bay.

garden shed plant spray

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7. Add a Pro-Gardener Relaxation Area

After you’ve been digging around in the dirt for a few hours, you’ll need a place to sit down, kick up your feet, and relax while sipping a cold drink and flipping through gardening magazines. All this to say that you’ll need a space in your gardening shed for a comfortable chair, a magazine rack, and a mini-fridge for keeping drinks cold. Consider adding a front porch to your gardening shed for an inviting rest area. 

garden shed porch area

What Features are Included in the Ideal Garden Shed?

While you could turn almost any storage shed into a garden shed, there are several features that can make your backyard building better suited for use as a garden shed. If you’re thinking about ordering a garden shed soon, be sure to ask your shed builder about these options.

  1. Climate control. Since most of the time in your garden shed will be spent during the hot summer months, you’ll want to consider incorporating features that help to keep your shed cooler. Ask for windows that can be opened to allow cool air to pass through. Install air vents near the roofline to allow hot air to escape. You may also want to insulate the ceiling to help deflect the sun’s warm rays.
  2. Ramp for easy access. There’ll be times when you need to park your wheelbarrow in your garden shed or haul in a load of potting soil with a hand truck. In any case, a solid ramp at the doorway can come in handy.
  3. Extra windows for lighting. Ask your builder about adding extra or bigger windows in your garden shed. This allows more natural light to enter both for working and for starting plants in pots. You may also benefit from one or several skylights installed in the roof.
  4. Electricity. A handy feature that you may be glad you added is a source of electricity. This can be achieved either through running a wire from the electric panel in your house or purchasing an inexpensive solar system that can be installed on the roof of your shed. An electrical outlet in your shed can be useful for powering a mini-refrigerator, recharging power tool batteries, running a small air-conditioner, and much more.
  5. Situated near your garden. One final word of advice is to ask your builder to install the shed at a location near your garden. Easy access will make a world of difference on those hot summer days!

Could You Use a Gardening Hub?

Any gardener knows that a beautiful well-kept garden doesn’t just spring up overnight. Success in gardening requires commitment and dedication. At the same time, you have other obligations that keep you from spending as much time on gardening as you would like. For this reason, it’s important to stay organized in order to maximize the return on your gardening investment each year. You need a gardening hub to serve as a valuable resource for all of your gardening activities. A garden shed can be a useful tool as you work hard to plant your garden and keep it thriving. With a well organized and well-stocked garden shed, you can make gardening less of a chore and more of the relaxing and rejuvenating past time that it should be. The key to reaching this objective is with a garden shed turned into your ultimate gardening hub.

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