Shed Building Specifications for Kauffman Structures Storage Sheds

Your Storage Shed will be completely assembled, painted, and delivered to your prepared site.

Our specially built trailer with multiple hydraulic functions allows us to set your building precisely on location. If your site is inaccessible with our trailer, we can assemble your shed on location for only 10% more. (Building will be primed only.) We do not recommend setting the building directly on the ground. A cement slab or gravel bed is ideal, although smaller buildings can be set and leveled on blocks or railroad ties.

  • Floors: 2x4 joists spaced 16” on center, covered with 3/4" tongue and groove flooring.
  • Sidewalls: 2x4 studs spaced 24” on center and covered with LP residential siding.
  • Roof: 2x4 rafters spaced 24” on center, covered with 1⁄2” O.S.B. sheathing and 30-year asphalt shingles. Stock shingle colors are white, black, green, weathered wood, light or dark gray, and medium or dark brown.
  • Doors: Reinforced double doors with decorative X pattern are standard on all buildings over 6’ wide. 48”x72” door openings are standard on 8’ wide buildings. 60”x72” openings are standard on larger buildings. 72”x72” openings optional. Door latch has keyed lock.
  • Trim: Corner and door trim is LP engineered wood, with excellent weather resistance.
  • Decor: Buildings are painted in a choice of the following basic colors: red, white, beige, grey, blue, or clay. Trim colors include black, dark green, and dark brown in addition to the above. We can apply your custom colors if you provide the paint.
  • Options: Windows (several sizes) • Higher sidewalls • Shutters • Custom colors • Extra doors • Lining and insulation • Shelves • Overhead or roll-up doors • Ramps • Vinyl or cedar siding